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The chemical giant Exxon Mobil PE expansion rate increase
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Exxon Mobil PE resin production capacity increased as early as planned in the United States, the Mexico Bay area now, the expansion and further increase the magnitude of.

The company announced in November 14th that it is located in Beaumont, Texas's PE plant annual production capacity will increase by 14 billion pounds.

Exxon Mobil executives said at a news conference, the new production capacity will be used to meet the high performance of the market demand for plastic continued growth. The new production plant has been built, is expected to start in 2019.

Exxon is located in Beaumont, Texas, the plant will open two new PE production lines in 2017, with a total capacity of 3 billion pounds per year. The company also plans to cooperate with the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, in the Mexico Bay area to build a steam cracker device and derivatives.

Company executives said the Exxon Mobil investment in Mexico Bay area is not only to extend the existing refining and chemical devices, will also stimulate economic growth, create jobs. The current project will create more than 1 thousand and 200 long-term jobs, during the construction period, will create more than 28 thousand temporary jobs.

"Thanks to the price advantage of shale gas and other liquid materials, we are able to expand production capacity to meet the strong growth of the global demand for PE." CindyShulman, vice president of Exxon Mobil plastics and resin business, said,

Beaumont project have the advantage of raw material supply, at the same time, the billions of dollars of investment will enable the company in the United States PE production capacity increased by 40% (nearly 4 billion 500 million pounds / year), and make Texas become the largest Mobil Exxon PE supply point.

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